SW projects implementation

We offer comprehensive services in the area of software development and delivery. We are experienced in management, task definition, and requirements and needs analysis. We will propose a relevant solution; will take care of development and associated implementation and integration. We will assist you in ensuring quality and testing, the launch and hand-over into operation and last but not least with support and minor development. We aim to use ready products that fit well within the existing customer infrastructure but we are just as able to provide green field development.




Is your focus on your business and you do not wish to be distracted by development and operation of applications? You can outsource your development, support, the entire IT with us in either the nearshore or offshore centre. We will put together a new team or will take over existing employees; we will provide the necessary infrastructure and processes from handover to reporting. In cooperation with our consultants we are able to provide required quality and skills of the individual team members and create the environment needed for new team member adaptation. We have a network of our own IT experts not only from the Czech and Slovak Republic at our disposal and we are continually maintaining and growing this network.


Nearshore outsourcing

We are your partner for:

  • Virtual teams in the same time zone
  • Close cooperation with our IT Experts
  • Cost-effective application development
  • Access to specific technology expertise

Wide range of custom tailored solutions

  • On-site
    IT Experts and teams on your side
  • On-site/Nearshore
    Managed service with Project Manager on your side
  • Nearshore
    Remote development teams

HR services and consultancy

The sister company Principal Services provides HR consultancy for clients on the IT Market. The company operates the search engine Contractors.cz, that assists IT specialists in finding relevant projects. Our services cover client needs during the entire process of approach, selection, employment and adaptation of specialists. We are experts at the ICT market. We provide relevant information from the job market with the primary focus on information technologies. We assist our clients in business strategy development.


Consultancy and education in the area of new trends

We provide strategic consultancy and education in the area of new business trends and company IT. Thanks to our experts and know how in business strategies, innovation management, agile approach or DevOps we are able to bring practical IT tips, education and couching to the table. We thus assist customers in reaching their goals. To ensure a smooth start of innovation and agile projects we have created the company AgileWare. The goal of this company is to provide tools and equipment for the support of modern methods and approaches (Lean Canvas, KANBAN, KANO etc.)


Consultancy and education in Cyber insurance

Are your data, property and company under a growing cyber threat? Is the cyber risk in your business on the increase and you are unsure about effective defence?

  • Consider cyber risk insurance. Protect your property and business from cyber threat.
  • Decrease the impact of human failure, random events or cyber crime.
  • Increase protection of client data security and ensure your business continuity protection.
  • We will deliver services and experts to assist you in increasing protection of your business.

People Manager – support project and resource manager efficiency

Have you got enough work for your employees? And have you got enough people for your projects? Are your costs under control?

  • Implement an efficient tool for simple allocation and approval of workers including financial resources for your projects. Make reporting and approval more effective.
  • Lower your project costs. Your will be able to follow work progress, cost balance and status of the projects in real time.
  • Make release control, project sub-deliveries and business requirements more transparent. Acquire trustworthy predictions, avoid problems and critical points.

Red Lau for 4G/5G

Are you facing a big increase of data transfers in your mobile networks? Do you need to process a steep rise in new on-line services and applications for your users?

  • Use the Red Lau Policy Manager (RLPM), our unique solution for dynamic control and real time network resources management of your fast new generation networks
  • Ensure flexible support for a wide portfolio of services individually tailored to the customers
  • Acquire a price efficient and highly effective tool, which plays key part within the network architecture of modern fast networks (LTE, SAE, IMS, ...).



EMOTIA – poznejte, jak se cítí Váš zákazník

Let artificial intelligence identify and analyze the real emotions of your customers or employees. Recognition of emotion is realized by composing all available channels - facial expression, voice intonation and emotional coloring of the text. The solution is able to display emotions graphically to the other participant and provide immediate feedback. It can recommend the right response to the optimum progress of the interview, both in  psychological and factual level. Everything can be used both in real time and off-line for feedback evaluation of interactions.


09 emotia