We offer comprehensive services in the area of software development and delivery. We are experienced in management, task definition, and requirements and needs analysis. We will propose a relevant solution; will take care of development and associated implementation and integration. We will assist you in ensuring quality and testing, the launch and hand-over into operation and last but not least with support and minor development. We aim to use ready products that fit well within the existing customer infrastructure but we are just as able to provide green field development.


We provide services in the following areas:


Analysis and solution proposal

Our business and system analysts are able to help you with collection, analysis, and business requirements documentation according to the BABOK and RUP standards. They have extensive experience in the areas of banking, insurance industry and telecoms and are thus able to propose solutions with the least possible number of manageable risks.


Implementation and development

We focus primarily on modern technologies i.e. JAVA, Oracle a .NET, where we have teams consisting of junior colleagues as well as senior specialists who are able to perform also in the role of an architect on a project. During software development we are capable of using other technologies according to customer needs. We use agile methodologies as well as the classic waterfall approach during development.


Testing and quality assurance

In the area of testing and quality insurance we focus on the entire process starting with task definition and closing with handover into operation. We bring our own knowledge and experience to the project using such standards and methodologies like RUP or ISTQB. For the project team we select the right experts from the point of view of seniority or technical specialisation to cover all essential activities: planning, proposal, and analysis, automation or manual test execution.

projektove rizeni

Project and program management

Responsibility for the delivery, flexibility when reacting to changes and delivery in the agreed time frame and within budget – these are key skills of every project manager.
In addition we take into account which type of management or direction is best for the project from the point of view of the methodology used, project length and team seniority etc.
We are experienced in program management, long-term development of individual systems or projects and support as well as with implementation of new procedures or methodologies.


Operation support

We will insure smooth operation of the application in the production environment. As a standard we support solutions we delivered. We can however take over support of existing systems in operation. We provide support of key infrastructure as well as support of the actual solutions from the operation system, application and database servers up to the applications. We will set up regular reporting based on agreed SLA for all necessary services like application and infrastructure monitoring, data backup and renewal, production incident handling and minor development.


Select the delivery method according to your needs


  • Provision of IT expert capacity under defined requirements
  • Flexible allocation adjustment according to customer needs
  • Price is set per each position delivered
  • Responsibility for managing people is with the customer
  • Delivery risks are with the customer

Team Leasing

  • Provision of the capacity of the entire team for a set scope of work
  • Flexible team structure changes according to client needs
  • Price is set per the entire team
  • Responsibility for managing people is with the customer
  • Delivery risks are with the customer


  • Delivery of defined capacity inclusive of hiring and firing
  • Firmly set SLA, capacity plan a MD rates
  • Responsibility for scope of work definition is with the customer
  • Responsibility for delivery of the accepted scope of work is with the customer
  • Responsibility for team management and risk management is with the customer

Project delivery

  • Delivery of the defined work under set conditions
  • Firmly set scope of work, time schedule and price
  • Responsibility for managing people is with the customer
  • Delivery risks are with the customer

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