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Red Lau Platform

Platform for Diameter applications

Provides artefacts and patterns, letting engineers develop applications faster, without necessity to deal with basic functionalities.

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Red Lau Policy Manager

PCRF application

PCRF solution based on Principal Red Lau Platform, unique solution for dynamic control and real time network resources management of your new generation 4G/5G networks.

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Red Lau VoLTE Manager

Start VoLTE services

Digital packet voice service, IP delivered via LTE access network.

Additionally provides demanding VoLTE signaling with easy scalability of system operation.


PCRF LTE is the policy manager of the new 4G LTE technology. A important component in LTE network brings together and enhances capabilities to deliver dynamic control of policy and charging on a per subscriber and per IP flow basis.

PCRF provides service management and control of the 4G service. It dynamically manages and controls data sessions, enables new business models. PCRF LTE also has the functionality to make it easy for other devices out of the 3GPP network- like WiFi or fixed broadband devices- to access the 4G LTE network.


Applications available

Red Lau Platform

Platform for Diameter applications

  • Red Lau Platform in our platform for developing of the application using Diameter protocol
  • It provides artefacts and patterns that let engineers to develop application faster without necessity dealing with basic functionalities
  • RLP consists of following basic parts:
    • RLP Libraries
    • RLP Configurations
    • Service Logic Language
    • Offline Components
    • SPR (Subscriber Profile Repository)


Red Lau Policy manager

PCRF application

  • Red Lau Policy Manager (RLPM) is a PCRF solution based on our Red Lau Platform
  • Scalability - With addition of demanding VoLTE signaling and other modules is the easy scalability of RLPM crucial for successful operation of the operators communication system.
  • Redundancy - RLPM offers a high availability mode within the site with active/standby nodes sharing virtual IP address, supporting automatic failover and thus protecting the service from transmission layer failures.
  • Enhanced logging - The RLPM offers enhanced features which creates the troubleshooting tasks as easy as possible. Enhanced logging feature allowing to define the information elements to be logged within the system log files.
  • Flexibility - The key feature of the service platform shall be the flexibility. Platform shall offer flexibility in all areas of deployment and thus ensure that any of current and future need can be fulfilled


Our References

telefonica o2O2 CZ & SK PCRF – based on Principal Red Lau Policy Manager

Our solution monitors and measures data traffic in 4G network of the Mobile operator O2 in the Czech and Slovak Republic. It generates data needed for billing as well as it manages in real time service entitlement of individua devices.



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